The most glorious video ever made.

Tales of the Incorrigible Shopaholic: #1

Sometime, this December, I went to watch a movie. Strangely enough, the super film  buff that I am, I do not remember the name of this particular movie. But, as it is entirely inconsequential to the purposes of this epic tale, we shall not worry to much about it, and, as one of my professors likes to say, bravely venture forth. So, where was I? At the movies, that’s right.

So I come out of the cinema (in a good mood. Movies always leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Even the action flicks.) and ride the escalator (in the shopping mall where the cinema was) down to the lower level, when my favourite store (in the entire world) catches my eye.

ALDO. (How did I live before knowing you <3) And the shop windows had a huge sign with the most magical 3 words in the universe. 

No, it wasn’t some variant of the ubiquitous I<3U. These words were more special and the title of this post, along with the name of the store, would have given you some clues as to what they were.

Of course.


Need I say anything more? 

Footware. Or the more loved name, Shoes. One of the few things that separate humans from primates (the list also includes art, the wheel, definitely the jet plane, maybe the iPhone). And the best kind of shoes (no flip-flops are not on this list) are of course Boots (gladiators come a close second).

I walk in and it’s love at first sight. Medium high, in chocolate (milk, maybe Snickers) brown, pointed toes, an 1 1/2 inch heel, with faux cowboy buckles. The pair, I have dreamed of, ever since the onset of my love affair with shoes. 

And now they are mine.

I AM going to figure out how to kick everyone’s a** with Bowser in SuperSmash.

Consider Pikachu, Kirby, Jigglypuff and Zelda warned.

LNK; yes, you

My dear LNK,

Not only do you have to post videos from NigaHiga’s channel on my fb wall, now you had to get me to jump on this latest bandwagon. Never heard of Tumblr. before, umm let me see, ahh yes, 10 minutes back. So I humbly dedicate this blog to you, my fellow procrastinator.